Finding Private Sector Solutions to Land Restoration

The Earth Partners develops scalable projects that create real ecological benefits and restored landscapes

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About The Earth Partners

The Earth Partners LP is a land restoration company developing next-generation solutions for marginal and degraded lands to rebuild soils, water resources, habitat, terrestrial carbon, and other critical ecosystem functions. This includes developing commercial, reliable supplies of “conservation biomass,” enabling large-scale, privately-funded land restoration projects while supporting renewable energy and bio-based markets.

We have a portfolio of assets and businesses that were developed both in-house and acquired from third parties in partnership with our investor, Vision Ridge. Over the years the company has built a team with unique expertise and experience to assess, acquire, and operate industrial assets as well as execute on large-scale land restoration projects.

Our Businesses

Wood Chips and Pellets

Selling biomass sourced from invasive woody brush removed from rangelands in a way that creates significant environmental benefits.

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Mitigation Banking

Developing mitigation banking and other ecosystem restoration projects in Louisiana, Texas, and other states.

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Advisory Services

We provide advisory services to companies, governments, and NGOs.

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