The Earth Partners LP

The Earth Partners LP is a land management and bioenergy company developing next-generation projects to restore marginal and degraded lands. Our unique “land and fiber” approach finds hidden value and risk mitigation opportunities in feedstock procurement for bioenergy projects—an approach the company has termed conservation biomass. The company works across diverse ecosystems, including degraded rangelands and grasslands, diseased forests, and improved management of plantation forests. The Earth Partners LP aims to become a major global feedstock and bioenergy producer, enabling some of the largest privately-funded land restoration projects in the world.

Key information about the company:

  • Two operating, revenue-generating businesses, and assets and projects under development in 5 states
  • Rapidly growing and expanding, 30+ employees and 4 regional offices
  • Experience across the bioenergy development cycle (fiber, design, finance, own & operate), including expertise in GIS mapping & land screening, procurement, harvesting & chipping, pelleting engineering & operations, project financing and structuring, and sustainability and ecology
  • Operating partnership with two established companies, Brinkman & Associates and Applied Ecological Services, that provide technical expertise and operational support
  • Nearly one million acres of land under long-term contract
  • Long-term investor group, Vision Ridge Partners, with interest in and capacity for funding The Earth Partners LP’s projects
  • Strong policy capability with on-going affiliations with government, NGOs, and local communities