The Earth Partners LP

Over the past five years, The Earth Partners LP has been developing scalable business models at the nexus of the key challenges facing our world: declining land productivity, unsustainable energy production, increasing water scarcity, and climate change. Focusing on marginal and degraded land, The Earth Partners’ mission is to develop and implement innovative business models that will enable large-scale land restoration.

The Earth Partners is executing on large-scale bioenergy projects around this model, leveraging its team’s interdisciplinary experience that includes GIS mapping and land screening, procurement and harvesting, chipping and pelleting engineering and operating experience, sustainability and ecology specialists, and finance professionals.

With over 700,000 acres enrolled in seven states, The Earth Partners’ demonstrated skillset is 1) screening marginal and degraded lands where restoration improves land productivity and create significant value, 2) enrolling land and landowners under long-term contract around biomass assets, and 3) developing financeable bioenergy projects to fund the restoration and create environmental assets such as carbon and water.

The timing is right—government and the private sector are aligned around the need to find economic solutions on millions of acres of marginal and degraded lands. The Earth Partners is at the center of the current economic and political trends supporting the growth of bioenergy markets and the development of markets for ecosystem services.